Care Network

The Care Network Group is a collection of ventures that my family is engaged in. It initially started with the insurance and financial planning services that my mother started until we eventually decided to house all our business endeavors under 1 umbrella. 

Financial Services

Over a decade of combined experience in selling insurance products (life, non-life, HMO) and a vast network of loyal and returning customers, our family continues to advocate and provide insurance products to serve the risk management needs of our clientele. Our providers include the following: AIA, Prudential, Malayan, Maxicare, and Pacific Cross


Recently, seeing the need and opportunity for uplifting financial literacy, we’ve decided to expand into providing educational services to individuals and groups and are also looking to provide financial and business consultancy services for small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

Real Estate

Our family has a modest land bank of properties in the province (farm land, beaches, residential/commercial) that we’ve either commercialized into rental properties or have sold.

Digital Media

During the pandemic, given my background in marketing and design, I invested in and helped run a digital marketing agency (Sharkhub Marketing and Consultancy Services) with my friends that offered content design for social media and chatbot automation services. Post-pandemic, the agency has downsized its portfolio of clients to a handful of meaningful accounts comprised primarily of family and friends. Currently, we’re exploring the possibility of venturing into a boutique online news network in an effort to establish a marketing and distribution channel unique to our needs. 

Brick & Mortar

The newest venture in our portfolio is a healthy grocery establishment (Krysty’s) that was setup by my mother after seeing an opportunity for health-focused food products in the province. My parents also opened the 1st installment of their revamped version of a “Carideria” (Koolam) with the unique value-add of cleaner, faster, and of higher quality ready-to-eat products.