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Mhykl Nieves

Filipino-born, Brunei-raised. Father to 1 gorgeous baby girl, and happily married to the woman of my dreams. I have and continue to aspire to contribute to society by making meaningful and impactful change through my endeavors in business. I can easily hold a conversation, am eager to learn, and am always keen on meeting new people.


What I Do

As a full-time investor with a multi-asset portfolio of investments in businesses (SMEs), equities, and alternative assets (real estate, funds, commodities, crypto), I’m excited to be fortunate enough to be able to contribute (in my own way) to building a future for my family and the next generation to enjoy. I attribute my investing success, to date, to my past experience working as a financial analyst, property and insurance salesman, and entrepreneur running businesses in goods trading, digital media, and consultancy, and having the best partner and mentor, my wife. 


Together, we strive to find ways to fuel opportunities and initiatives that can make a lasting impact on our lives and our communities and hope to pave the way for our family and friends who desire to do the same. 


“I cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do.”


I’d like to share my thoughts about investing on Medium but I don’t see myself doing it often, but when I do I’ll try to share something useful. I do make it a habit to collect information pieces there that have incredible value to me which I also share on Twitter.