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I’m a full-time investor along with my wife. We have investments in a diversified basket of assets but primarily invest in SMEs and venture building opportunities. I started my investing journey back in 2021 with a starting capital of 50 Thousand Pesos. Since then, we’ve managed to grow our personal investments significantly, received external investments from family, and currently manage a total AUM (Assets Under Management) of more than +20 Million Pesos, as of May 2024

Private Debt

We primarily provide private credit to SMEs who need to fund their working capital, CAPEX, and projects. We allocate capital to businesses who have the potential for growth but don’t have access to credit from institutions (e.g. banks) or other forms of debt funding. 


We hold positions in different local and foreign companies and occasionally adjust and rebalance our holdings depending on the opportunities we see in the markets. Equities serve as a hedge for our private credit investments. We’re currently developing a solution to enable us to perform better stock valuations for improved buy and sell orders. 

Alternative Assets

Our pool of alternative assets include: real estate, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs which also serve as an additional hedge for our private credit investments.